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Town of
Kiawah Island

Municipal Court

Kiawah's Municipal Court, one of about 200 across South Carolina, was established in 1996, shortly after the Town of Kiawah Island was created. Its geographic jurisdiction encompasses all of Kiawah Island and the Kiawah Island Parkway from the main gate and including the Roundabout at Betsy Kerrison Parkway. As part of the unified judicial system in South Carolina, it hears and determines offenses of a criminal nature which may be subject to a fine not exceeding $500 or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days as well as cases arising under the ordinances of the municipality. It does not have jurisdiction over civil cases. The Kiawah Island Municipal Judge is appointed by the Mayor and Council for a term of 3 years. A Municipal Judge has many of the same powers as judges in higher state courts including the issuance of arrest warrants and contempt of court citations. 

Municipal Court sessions are held twice monthly at 10:30AM at the Municipal Center, 21 Beachwalker Drive.  Livability Court sessions that enforce Town ordinances citations are held at 9:30AM, prior to Municipal Court.  Call 768-9166 for the specific dates each month. Court sessions are open to the public, of course, and visitors are welcome.  Also, the Court has issued a brochure setting forth The Rules of Practice and Procedure in Municipal Court which is required reading for all defendants. However, it is also recommended reading for all property owners who have an interest in our judicial system. You can obtain a copy at Town Hall from the Clerk of Court. 

John L. Strauch
Town of Kiawah Island
Chief Municipal Judge