Public Works and Solid Waste


Round-a-bout Project

In December 1996, the Town was involved with a committee to study the Betsy Kerrison-Kiawah Island Parkway intersection. The final report indicated that a roundabout would be a viable alternative to the current intersection. The construction phase of the project began in September 2004 and involved installation of a 200′ diameter roundabout, drainage improvements, lanscaping/irrigation and replacement of the Haulover Creek culvert. The project was completed in summer 2005.


Kiawah Island Parkway

A Kiawah Island Parkway Master Plan was approved in 2003. The Plan includes roadway widening, inclusion of landscaped medians and rights-of-way, and an 8′ wide bike path connecting the existing path located at the General Store on Beachwalker Drive to the new Freshfields commercial development located approximately two miles away. Engineering of the plan began in the fall of 2004. Permitting for the entire plan began in 2005. In 2009 the Town received all required state and federal permits to begin construction. The entire Kiawah Island Parkway was repaved, curves softened and new guardrails installed. The largest phase of the project included the addition of an 8′ wide pedestrian/bike path and bridge. The project also included extensive landscape design and irrigation installation. As mitigation for the 1.295 acres of salt marsh impacted, the Town created new salt marsh at a 1:1 ratio at Cassique. The projects costs totaled $2.7 million and was completed in the spring of 2010. The Town was awarded the Municipal Association of South Carolina’s Achievement Award for this project.


Beachwalker Drive

In July 1998, the Town took ownership of Beachwalker Road. As with the Kiawah Island Parkway, the Town also took on the responsibilities of road and landscape maintenance and maintenance of the leisure trail. In 2007 the Town completed a major landscape project along Beachwalker Drive. The project was designed by Design Works and completed by Three Oaks Construction. The project included the installation of irrigation, numerous beds all planted with native plants included beauty berry, ferns, palms and sweet grass.

For any questions or assistance please contact Town Hall at 843-768-9166.

Kiawah Island Parkway Bike Path

The only road on and off the island did not have bike lanes or a pedestrian footbridge over the Kiawah River. All non-vehicular traffic was discouraged. Numerous segments were prone to flooding, and sharp curves contributed to traffic accidents over the years. The road was not adequate for hurricane evacuations either.Town Council made a commitment to improving transportation on the island. Council decided to make the road safer and, at the same time, offer basic recreational space for residents and visitors. Thus, began a long process of improving the road and constructing a bike path running parallel to it. For three years, officials studied construction designs, wildlife mitigation solutions, and landscaping. They held Town meetings to gather input from the public.

Officials worked with various agencies to avoid harming the ecosystem during or after construction. Charleston County took part to ensure that no damage was done to protected trees. After reducing the scope of the project to mitigate the impact to the saltwater marsh, town officials sent the plan to the state and federal government for approval.When a master plan was completed and agreed upon, the town and county provided the necessary funding without increasing fees or taking on debt.

The paved bike path runs alongside the road, and a new pedestrian bridge spans the Kiawah River both protected by handrails and guardrails. Nautical landscaping and irrigation enhance the bike path’s appearance. The dangerous s-curves were lengthened and smoothed, and turn lanes were added to busy points on the road. The speed limit was reduced to 35 mph. Signage was added along the road to alert drivers of these changes and direct non-vehicular traffic to the new bike path.

There has been a sharp decrease in the number of traffic accidents on any given day, the new path is full of joggers, bicycle riders and other happy residents.


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Solid Waste

The Town of Kiawah Island provides a comprehensive solid waste program for property owners. This service includes garbage, recycling and yard debris collection. Recycling is conducted on Wednesday. All recycling rollouts must be placed curbside that morning. Yard debris service takes place on Thursdays. Also included are special collections for brown trash, electronic waste and hazardous materials. Each resident is provided with one 90-gallon rollout container for garbage collection. Also each resident is provided with a recycling 35-gallon rollout.


Kestrel Court Recycling Center will be out of service beginning Monday, June 27, 2022. Improvements will be made for increased capacity and greater convenience. The project is expected to take five weeks to complete. For the time being, recyclable items can be dropped off at the Municipal Center, located at 4475 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, or the KICA Admin office at 23 Beachwalker Dr.