Emergency Preparedness

Zone A

Evacuation Zone

Kiawah/Seabrook Island is in ZONE A. When an evacuation order  is issued, local authorities will announce evacuations for the county by predesignated zones. The Tricounty area including Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County is classified as the Central Coast. The Central coast is divided into evacuation zones A-I. Local authorities will announce evacuations by designated zones.

Evacuation Route

If an evacuation order is issued, Evacuees from Kiawah/Seabrook Islands will take Road S-20 (Bohicket/Main Rd.) to US 17. They will then take US 17 south to SC 64. SC 64 where you will go to Walterboro, then to North Augusta.


In the event of a Evacuation, the following actions will be taken:

  • KICA Security will ultimately block the incoming gate to all but emergency and official vehicles.
  • Providing its equipment is not being used, the St. John’s/Kiawah Island fire personnel will broadcast the evacuation order throughout the island using loudspeakers.
  • When an evacuation has been determined to be essentially complete, the Kiawah Emergency Operations Center will be relocated to an offsite location as indicated by the Mayor.