A Message from Berkeley Electric Cooperative

During November and December 2023, there were brief electric blinks on Kiawah Island, which were attributed to equipment failure. Berkeley Electric Cooperative's crews worked tirelessly to replace the faulty equipment and address the issues, ensuring that the power supply to members on Kiawah Island was restored and stabilized. Rest assured, your cooperative’s engineering and operations teams take every possible measure to prevent these occurrences and minimize their impact on our members. While often inconvenient and always unexpected, these brief interruptions (or blinks) are a necessary function of the distribution system to prevent large scale outages when failures occur. Cooperative field personnel have resolved the most recent problem(s) that created these interruptions.

Within the last several years, a transmission loop on Johns Island has been completed, all equipment on Kiawah Island has been inspected by a third-party contractor, and multiple large scale cable replacements (over 150,000 feet) have been completed.  We have decided to use all fiberglass, stainless steel, and hybrid equipment on the islands to reduce the amount of equipment deterioration in the harsh saltwater environment and have started to proactively replace many pieces of equipment found in our inspections to reduce future outages and blinks.

Berkeley Electric Cooperative members can lease a meter-base surge protector from the cooperative to help protect major appliances in your home. You can learn more about how to lease a protector here: https://berkeleyelectric.coop/surge-guard. Also, consider investing in surge-protector-power-strips with built-in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to your computer and other electronics whose “memory” would be lost in an interruption. 

Please report all outages online at www.berkeleyelectric.coop/, or call Berkeley Electric's Outage Line at 1-888-253-4232.