Waste Service Update for April 2, 2024

Last Update: April 2, 2024; 3:58 p.m.
If your street is not listed, you can email jstaradumsky@kiawahisland.org.

Waste collection will take place on April 3, 2024, for the following areas:

  • Blue Heron Pond Road
  • Bull Thistle Lane
  • Cedar Waxing
  • Chinaberry Lane
  • Eagle Point Road
  • Governor's Drive (some areas)
  • Grey Fox Den Court
  • Grey Widgeon Lane
  • Moon Tide Lane
  • Oyster Shell Road
  • Snowy Egret Lane
  • Terrapin Island Lane

If you continue to experience service issues, please call the Town at 843-768-9166 or email jstaradumsky@kiawahisland.org, and provide the Town with your address.