Volunteer Voter Ambassadors for Kiawah Island Are Ready to Assist

On Monday April 29, 2024, Haley Oryell and Rachelle Roland of the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration and Elections trained 39 volunteers from John's, Wadmalow, Kiawah, and Seabrook Islands to become Voter Ambassadors to:

● Host voter registration drives
● Educate voters about elections
● Empower people in our communities to vote in this critical election year

Voter Ambassadors can assist individuals by educating them in a nonpartisan manner about elections. They can empower individuals on things such as how to check their registration status, how to find a sample ballot before heading to the polls, and any other questions an individual may have. If you are in need of assistance, the following Kiawah Voter Ambassadors are ready to assist:

  • Emma Ames
  • Marzy Bedford-Billinghurst
  • Marilyn Blizard
  • Gregg Bragg
  • Diane Flaherty
  • Rick Flaherty
  • Alison Frey
  • Carol Hurley
  • David Jackson
  • Joanne Jackson
  • Melissa Newhall
  • Judy O’Brien
  • Patty Orler
  • Pam Pollit
  • Julie Provenson
  • Eileen Rice
  • Gail Strickler
Those who need assistance with registering to vote, or would like to be trained as a volunteer Voter Ambassador can contact Kiawah GOTV Chair, Alison Frey, by phone at 610-742-6917 or email at alfrey1@me.com. Learn more about this initiative and ways to assist here