Town Projects

The Municipal Center Project

The Town’s vision for the new Municipal Center and site is to create a “Gateway” to the Town of Kiawah Island.  The facility will feature a high quality entrance commensurate with The Sanctuary Hotel, River Course Clubhouse and Cassique Clubhouse. The facility will house the Town’s current departments and allow for growth, expecting to provide space to accommodate up to 30 employees based on a ten year look ahead. It will include Council Chambers, Municipal Court, Visitors Bureau space, generous public meeting space and customer service areas for the public.  Preliminary estimates indicate a building size of about 18,000 sq. ft.

The total Municipal Center project, inclusive of architectural design, construction, site development, and landscaping, is projected to cost approximately $9 million.  The Town ended up contributing $1.5 million from the sale of the former municipal center, $4,675 million from cash reserves and financing the $3 million balance over 25-30 years.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Town hosted a Municipal Center Groundbreaking Ceremony on May 3rd, 2016. It was a memorable event complete with a christening from Mother Nature.  Thank you to everyone in the community that attended. If you were unable to attend, feel free to view the ceremony pictures.

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*Photos taken by Michael Cyra


Phase 1 Complete

Phase 1 was to select three firms to proceed to Phase 2 of the selection process.  The proposals were due April 15th and the committee met on April 16th.

April 2015

With the Betsy Kerrison site clear, the Town of Kiawah Island began taking steps to enhance the beauty of the property, including mowing, grading and hydro seeding. Other improvements to the site also include arbor care for the Grand Oak tree in the center of the property to ensure its health and longevity as a focal point of the site.

March 2015

A Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural services was published on March 23rd. It invited architectural firms to propose building and site designs.

November 2014

The Town acquired 27.7 acres of property, of which 18 acres are high ground, along Betsy Kerrison Parkway at a cost of $2 million. This property was annexed into the corporate limits of the Town for the purposes of constructing a new Municipal Center

February 2014

The Mayor formed a Municipal Center Committee (MCC) to spearhead the project. The Committee is chaired by Councilman, John Labriola and includes Councilwoman, Mary Johnson, Roger Warren, Mark Permar and Dan Prickett. The MCC will coordinate and advise Town Council on the design, planning, and construction of the new Municipal Complex. Committee meetings will be held biweekly on Thursdays at 3 pm and all meetings are open to the public.

Project Approved

At the March 1st Town Council meeting, the Kiawah Island Town Council approved the construction of a new Municipal Center for $9.25M.  They also approved the Thomas Construction Group as the General Contractor with a bid of $7.3M. Councilman John Labriola, who is also chair of the Municipal Center Committee, stated “this decision represents a major milestone for the Town to construct a new Town Hall on the Betsy Kerrison site and become the “Gateway” to Kiawah.” It is anticipated that site work will begin by the end of March.