Craig Weaver


I was elected as mayor of the Town of Kiawah Island in December of 2016, after serving two years on the Town Council. In the ten years since moving to Kiawah I have had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations in the Kiawah community, including the Community Association, where I served as a director and board chair for three years, and the St. John’s Fire District, where I was appointed as a commissioner for two years

My wife Terry and I “retired” to Kiawah and built our home here in 2006.  The majority of each of our careers was in the energy industry where we each had human resources and general management responsibilities worldwide.  I followed my 25 years in that industry with five years as vice president of human resources for Best Buy Corp. and an additional several years with UBS, a financial services company.  We both grew up in Michigan, where I received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Michigan State University.  Our careers, however, took us to a number of cities, dividing our time between Illinois, Texas and Minnesota. We have two children, a son in Tucson and daughter in Detroit.

As the Town’s mayor, I have a responsibility to ensure that the Town’s government provides effective leadership to the community, that we operate professionally at all times and are responsive to the expectations of our property owners and residents.  The Town has a special responsibility to help ensure that Kiawah remains a great place to live, to visit and to own a home.

It is also important that the Town is forward looking.  As our community continues to grow – bringing more homes and more visitors to the island – we need to maintain an effective balance between being both a popular tourist destination and a highly desirable residential community.  This requires protecting and preserving Kiawah’s natural environment, maintaining a responsible approach to development, supporting recreational and cultural opportunities for the entire community and ensuring that we preserve the island’s unique attributes.