Klaus Said

Council Member|ksaid@kiawahisland.org

I recently retired after a 35-year career in Investment Banking in Frankfurt, Germany, London, and New York. I spent 17 years at JP Morgan in the fixed-income trading division trading interest rate derivatives, merging markets debt instruments and foreign currencies. I was responsible for some of JP Morgan’s global trading businesses from 1993 until 2001 and subsequently was global head of all currency, moment market, and precious metals trading for Credit Suisse in New York until 2006. I then spent time as a portfolio manager of a large family office and founded an independent currency trading firm in 2013.

I graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany with a BA in Business studies and from the Graduate School for Business Administration in St. Gall, Switzerland with an MBA.

Laura and I have been married for 30 years and we have three children Nicholas (28), Robert (25) and Charlotte (23). We are residents of South Carolina but also spend time in Greenwich, CT. I am an avid golfer and have a keen interest in modern history and politics. I have no previous experience in local government, but Kiawah is home for us now and I am keen to volunteer my time and expertise to the Town Council.