Diana L. Mezzanotte

Council Member|dmezzanotte@kiawahisland.org

Kiawah Island has been a part of my life since the first time my husband, Dave, and I visited in 1980.  By 1989, we recognized there wasn’t another coastal community with everything Kiawah had to offer, so we purchased on Bufflehead Drive and eventually built a home there. In 2014, we purchased our current Rhett’s Bluff home.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Dave and I liked the fact that many people had never heard of Kiawah and felt we had found our own secret paradise. Today, our “secret” island is recognized around the world as a premier resort/retirement destination.  This added attention, and the island’s continued development, has increased expectations for improved island services such as better/faster emergency medical care and fire protection, quality art and cultural events and safer roads accessing our island.   In addition, our residents are concerned about Kiawah retaining its unique natural setting, its wildlife and maintaining our 10 miles of spectacular beach.

The Town of Kiawah Island is an integral part of making all of the above happen along with our partners – Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA), Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah Partners, Kiawah Conservancy and our many resident volunteers.  It is important that the town work closely with these other Kiawah entities to ensure that the island remains idyllic.

I believe that communications and openness regarding town policies/decisions is vital because our residents need to understand how and where their town resources are allocated.  Also, all town monies need to be managed properly and efficiently to ensure the greatest benefit to our residents.   Increased partnering, especially with KICA, may identify additional financial savings and efficiencies. Our town’s financial stability helps to ensure that Kiawah Island remains a premier community and that property values are enhanced.

I attended St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN where I obtained a BBA with a Concentration in Accounting.  I started in public accounting, obtained my CPA and spent most of my career with DuPont. At DuPont, I worked in internal auditing, accounting, site support, training, and plant operations.  My final job was as a manufacturing manager and a member of plant staff.

After leaving DuPont, I became a certified mediator in Virginia and worked pro bono for the Better Business Bureau mediating domestic and business disputes.

I have volunteered as a job mentor in Florida, at the Johns Island Goodwill Job Center and the Johns Island Library assisting clients with resume preparation, job searches and preparing for job interviews.  I assisted with several KICA job fairs and the Sea Island Habitat program.  While living in London, I volunteered with Oxfam, an international anti-poverty organization.

Currently I am a member of the KICA’s Finance Advisory Committee.