Meetings Materials

Meetings are subject to change. To confirm a meeting date/time or for more information, call the Town Clerk 843-768-9166 or email at


Town Council
Monthly, every 1st Tuesday at 2:00pm

Arts & Cultural Events Council Meetings
Monthly, every 1st Thursday at 2:00pm

Arts Council Board Meetings
Quarterly, every 1st Monday at 10:00am

Audit Committee
As needed, usually during the annual audit

Board of Zoning Appeals Committee
Monthly, every 3rd Monday at 3:00pm
January meeting is on the 4th Monday at 3:00pm

Quarterly, every 3rd Wednesday at 3:00pm

Construction Board of Appeals Meetings

Annually, usually February, date and time determined by member availability

Environmental Committee
Bi-monthly, beginning in January, every 2nd Wednesday at 2:00pm

Planning Commission
Monthly, every 1st Wednesday at 3:00pm or will follow TC if it is rescheduled

Public Safety Committee
Monthly, every 2nd Wednesday at 11:30am

State Accommodations Tax (SATAX) Committee
Annually, usually in April, the date and time determined by Administrator and Treasurer

Ways and Means Committee
Monthly, every 4th Monday at 3:00pm