Environmental Committee

Terms for the Committee members shall be for one year and expire annually on January 31. The Mayor and Town Council may reappoint Committee members for successive terms as approved.

The Committee will perform the following functions:

  1. Study and report on environmental issues, as may be referred by Town staff, Town Council, or self-generated. 
  2. Serve as an advocate for the protection of island wildlife and their habitat, including, but not limited to: birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, plants, trees, and invertebrates. 
  3. Provide and/or support educational programs to increase public awareness of Kiawah's natural environment and wildlife. 
  4. Support efforts to maintain a healthy island ecosystem, including beach, ponds, marsh, dunes, and maritime forests. 
  5. Support efforts to control invasive species on Kiawah Island. 
  6. Support ocean, river, and pond water quality monitoring efforts.
  7. make recommendations to Town Council on ways to improve the quality of environmental services, the cost-effectiveness of such services, and whether contractors or town staff should perform such services. 
  8. Request, review, and selectively approve applications for funding of natural resource and environmental initiatives. Approved initiatives will be presented to Town Council for funding approval. 
Bi-Monthly, every 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 pm
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Town Staff (Chair) and Staff Director 
Madeleine Kaye, Chair, mkaye@kiawahisland.org | 843-212-8351
Jim Jordan, Staff Director, jjordan@kiawahisland.org | 843-768-9166 ext. 101

First Name Last Name Email Phone
Aaron Given, TOKI agiven@kiawahisland.org (843) 768-9166 .ext 127
Jane Ellis jellis@presby.edu (843) 768-9166
Jim Chitwood jlchitwood04@yahoo.com (843) 768-9166
John (Jack) Kotz johnkotz@me.com (843) 768-9166
Lee Bundrick, KINHC lee@kiawahconservancy.org (843) 768-2029
Liz King, KIGR liz_king@kiawahresort.com (843) 768-6001
Lynne Sager lynnesager@me.com (843) 768-9166
Matt Hill, KICA Lakes Management matt.hill@kica.us (843) 768-2315
Pam Wilson pamwilson813@gmail.com (843) 768-9166
Tommy Manuel, ARB tmanuel@kiawah.com (843) 768-3419