From the wooded uplands to the beaches, animals thrive in the rich natural environment of Kiawah Island. Deer, bobcats, gray foxes, raccoons, river otters, and ospreys are just a few of the many animals that can be found here. Our expert team of professionals is responsible for monitoring and management of our wildlife, along with the Kiawah Island Community Association and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Download our wildlife field guide, “The Nature of Kiawah”.
Learn how you can help save Kiawah's bobcats and view our current list of Bobcat Guardians.
  • First Deer Survey of 2023

    Town Biologists are conducting a spotlight survey on January 18 - 19 to determine the white-tailed deer density on Kiawah Island. During the survey, as these counts are made, you may see lights shining across yards and golf courses. These surveys are done twice yearly and allow biologists to track deer population trends over time.

    Click here to view previous survey data on the Town of Kiawah Island website.

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  • Turtle Patrol Season Recap & Final Report

    The following information displays the total of nests per zone for the season:

    • Zone 2 - 94 nests (82 KI nests, including 12 STP nests)
    • Zone 3 - 81 nests (including six wild nests)
    • Zone 4 - 43 nests (including three wild nests)
    • Zone 5 - 36 nests
    • Zone 6 - 68 nests (including one wild nest)
    • Zone 7 - 74 nests (including three wild nests)
    • Zone 8 - 91 nests (including four wild nests)

    "It has truly been a sensational Sea Turtle Season! KITP ended the season with a total of 491 nests! Kiawah's second-largest season since our banner year of 2019. This year was so exciting because we saw many of our 2019 female turtles." - Lynne Sager of KITP


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