Freedom of Information Act Requests

For the newest updates and guidelines regarding FOIA, please review this document.

  1. Using the form below, specify the information you want to attain and any other information requested by the form.
  2. The form requesting the information shall be emailed, mailed by regular mail, or delivered to the Town Clerk.
  3. The Town Clerk shall date stamp the request and put the date the information was received on the front page of the request. The Town Clerk will then give the request to the Town Administrator, and the Town Administrator has ten business days to respond to a written FOIA records request. If a requested record is more than 24 months old, the deadline is 20 business days. The Town is not required to make decisions about not providing notice of how a record may need to be redacted within this response period.
  4. FOIA also requires the Town Administrator to produce the requested records within 30 calendar days from the date it initially responds that the request will be fulfilled. When the public body requires a deposit, it must produce the records within 30 days of receiving the deposit. That deadline is 35 days for records that are more than 24 months old.
  5. Once the request is verified, the Town will determine an estimate as to the cost of researching and copying the requested information.
Document Searches/Staff Time Email and document searches by keyword or topic, document collection, and redactions will incur charges for staff time at the employee or contractor’s hourly rate.  Any document that contains personal information (social security, tax information, etc.) must be redacted.

Documents & Copies Specific / Identified readily available items will be produced by email at no charge.
• Budget
• Financial Statements  
• City Code  •Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions
(All are also available on our website)

Copy Costs: Any document that must be redacted must be counted as a hard copy, regardless of the final delivery format. Copies are $.25/page

Please click here to be directed to the South Carolina Code on FOIA.

Please scroll and fill out the electronic FOIA Request Form below or review the FOIA Request Form and mail attn: Town Clerk or email your form to

Freedom of Information Act Requests