Kiawah Goes Green Initiative

Mission Statement
This initiative is targeted to formalize a strong commitment by Kiawah’s major entities, stakeholders and the entire community to continue our strong focus on environmental stewardship, sustainability and advancement of eco-friendly public and private practices across the entire island. 

While being fiscally responsible and understanding the need for operational efficiency in the different entities, the Town would like to encourage the different entities on the island and the entire community to have the ambition to become a leader in the implementation of projects and measures to help protect our island’s environment, nature and beach and marsh barriers. By doing so, we all can help to mitigate the negative influences from rising sea levels and potential new weather patterns.

This “Kiawah Goes Green” initiative includes 10 focus areas:
  1. Building a network of publicly* accessible, standardized electric vehicle charging stations across our area step-by-step
  2. Convert non-emergency vehicles operating on the beach to electric vehicles
  3. Overtime, convert an applicable portion of the vehicle fleet of operating entities (e.g., TOKI, KICA, KIGR, KIC) to EVs
  4. Pilot-testing the use of new-technology battery-operated landscaping equipment (esp. leaf blower) on the island based on the newest available battery technology
  5. Further decrease the use of single-use plastic materials in restaurants, shops, golf courses, etc. across the island
  6. Explore the design requirements for solar panels on roof lines
  7. Implement a quarterly hazardous waste collection program for the community and its contractors (potentially also together with Seabrook Island)
  8. Consider to implement a central composting process for compostable food and perishable items for restaurant operations across the island – and potentially also private households
  9. Develop a comprehensive communication plan to inform and engage the community (property owner, guest and tourist) in all these projects – especially with focus on better educating the community to properly separate household, recycling and hazardous trash
  10. Explore the benefits of certifying Kiawah Island as a Green Tourist Destination