Properly Dispose of Recycling and Other Solid Waste

Recycling is conducted island-wide every Wednesday, year-round. Recycling must be placed inside the cans to ensure collection.  Recycling cans are gray. Cardboard and cardboard boxes must be broken down and placed inside either the recycling or garbage cans (recycling encouraged). All recycling bins must be placed curbside by 7 am. If you have subscribed to twice weekly backdoor service, your recycling bin will be collected at the house on this day.

We offer single-stream recycling. All materials must be placed in the container.


  • Kestrel Court off Sora Rail Road next to the Berkley Electric Substation
  • Municipal Center at 4475 Betsy Kerrison Parkway
  • 23 Beachwalker Dr behind the KICA homeowners association building

Household hazardous waste is accepted for drop off at the Charleston County Convenience Centers. These include electronics, household cleaners and polishes, pesticides and repellants, batteries, used motor oil, gasoline, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and paints and solvents. More detail are available on their website here


  • Closest drop-off site is Bees Ferry Convenience Center (1344 Bees Ferry Road, Charleston)
  • More sites are available here

Garbage collection takes place on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the street, and must be out on the street by 7:00 am the day of pickup to ensure collection. Each resident is provided with one green 90-gallon rollout container for garbage collection. Depending on availability, additional garbage or recycling containers can be obtained. Bags must be placed inside the can to ensure collection.  If you have a backdoor service, please make sure cans are accessible.

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