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Welcome to Kiawah Island! While you are on the island, all short-term rental property owners are encouraged to learn the Town’s short-term rental ordinance to protect our island and to prevent penalties. Click here to view the Town’s current short-term rental ordinance.

Are You Considered a Short-Term Rental?
If you’re renting your property for less than 30 consecutive days, you need an annual rental business license for each property prior to advertising or renting and the property must pass inspection for conformance to building codes. A property that is rented for 14 days or less in total during a calendar year is not considered a short-term rental. Any property rented on a long-term lease basis (30 days or longer) must have a standard business license instead of an STR license. Please review the classification section below for specifics.

How Do Short-Term Rental Licenses Work?
Licenses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Licenses expire on April 30 annually and must be renewed no later than April 30 annually to avoid penalties. Existing STR license holders have the first preference to renew annually to maintain their license, as long as the license is in good standing with the Town. To apply for a license, visit our online services portal.

As of 5/31/2024, the number of available licenses remaining in the capped areas is 157, and the percentage of rentals to developed lots is 14%.

What Are the Island’s Rules and Regulations that STRs Should Follow?
The Town’s Short-Term Rental Ordinance is available here.

Our Good Neighbor Brochure is a resource that you are encouraged and welcome to print or provide a digital copy to your renters. It is a great snapshot of island rules.

Jan_Fox-1139180Have More Questions? 
All questions regarding short-term rentals on Kiawah Island should be directed to:

Jan Fox, Short-Term Rental Compliance Clerk